Property/Corporate Security Management

A tailor-made complete service integrated into the quality system at your company, the objective is to optimise protection and prevent risks which affect assets which are an active part of the continuity and good performance of your property and/or corporate activity: policies, procedures, organisational structures, software and hardware.

Ciber Seguridad

Cyber Security & Cyber Intelligence

Red team & ethical hacking


We review the security of the control systems used in your automated industrial processes, no matter the supplier or protocols used, and even in the production environment. We have extensive experience in diverse industrial sectors, including, among others, pharma, food and textile.


We secure your app codes, website systems and desktop clients prior to production. By doing this, we are protecting real-time integrity and availability.


External apps and services are among an organisation's key assets, so their security is vitally important. We examine and assess all of them to root out any serious problems (code injection, buffer overload, impersonation, etc.)


We check the security of your network and internal systems to assess possible security breaches which may be exploited by an internal hacker, e.g. users who access the network through poorly protected wifi networks, or disgruntled employees or co-workers.


Smartphones and tablets tend to contain confidential information and access to critical company services, so it is highly important to maintain their security. What is more, as they are small, it is easier for them to "go missing". Thus, reviews of corporate applications and mobile devices should be part of everyday security processes which need to be included during cyber security overview campaigns.


Blue team & hardening


Having trustworthy operating systems and apps is vitally important. Our experience in generating secure operating systems models, using good market practices and suitable configurations and applications to ensure the highest level of security without affecting performance, will provide you with the level of trust you need in a secure system. We work with today's leading operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Linux-based clients and servers, etc.


Proper segmentation of the various networks is vital to prevent any unauthorised access. They need to be isolated and segmented by VLANs based on business casuistry. In addition to segmentation, perimeter security (firewalls) is necessary, as this analyses traffic and blocks possible threats detected within network traffic. This means any possible source of infection in a subnet will be controlled and snuffed, so it cannot extend through the network, which is thus protected from common threats such as ransomware. Here we can help in definition and configurations, advising you on how to solve your main problems.


We advise and help you deploy the leading cyber security measures on the market, increasing your organisation's security level:

  • Perimeter security firewalls
  • SIEM solutions; threat monitoring and correlation
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Ransomware systems
  • Technology for APT detection
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies
  • Encryption solutions

Threat intelligence


Cyber Intelligence gathers and analyses data to generate useful information which will enable the decision-making process when facing a series of previously examined matters. This is used in the business world to identify exfiltrated data, control brand image, or alert people to a possible cyber attack under way. Among our main cyber intelligence services are the following:

  • Monitoring data leaks
  • Brand oversight and monitoring for phishing on social networks and online media
  • Monitoring of VIPs and organisation critics
  • Analysis of possible online fraud
  • Monitoring of hacktivist, phishing and pharming threats
  • Analysis of malware threats


Nowadays, access to high-quality spyware is easier than ever: the lack of regulation of the world market and technology being developed and available cheaply means private matters - such as board meetings, private conversations or governing bodies - are more vulnerable than ever before.

At Osane Consulting, we have accredited experience and foreign training (USA, Russia) in electronic countermeasures, so nothing can interfere with the security of your communications.

Telephone analysis:

We perform telephone scanning on analogue and digital lines and VoIP. We use telephone analysers like the TALAN DPA-700 V.3, specialised software and network analysers to detect:

  • Microphones hidden in telephones or on lines
  • Recorders - telephonic sniffers
  • Manipulation of telephones, hands-free phones and switchboards
  • Ambient audio sent down the phone line
  • Manipulation of VoIP data packets

We provide electronic countermeasure services (ambient and telephonic), technical investigation and consultancy services and supply counter-intelligence equipment.

* Services available throughout Spain and in other countries (consult us)

Electronic Countermeasures/Electronic Scanning

We use cutting edge technology and our own methodology to locate any active or passive spying devices that could compile or transfer illicit information (audio or video).

Inteligencia Corporativa

Property/Corporate Intelligence

We transform disjointed data and information (Open Sources [OSINT, Official Sources [Open Data], Social Networks [Big Data] and Human Sources [HUMINT]) into knowledge, so strategic and operational decisions can be taken. We have the technology and intelligence software to find, gather and organise all possible information.

We produce comprehensive reports for which the veracity, pertinence, relevance and accuracy of the information is guaranteed. We can help you interpret and tackle the issues to achieve the best possible results.

Our method is applicable to brands, products, companies, institutions, people or ideas: from finding a needle in a haystack to describing tangible features of the company, "popular will", service quality, drug testing, crime prevention, policy analysis, a corporate officer's politics, etc.

It all depends on the questions asked:

  • What issues is my brand linked to? What, where, who and why are they talking about me?
  • Where did that rumour about my brand come from?
  • Are there tools available to avoid running into reputation issues?
  • Can I actively manage my reputation?
  • What marketing activities are my competitors pursuing?
  • Is there any information on mergers that may affect me?
  • Have any new patents or registrations been made? Do they have a new specialised supplier?
  • Are they deeply involved in R&D processes? Or are they planning on relocating?
  • What business profile does my rival possess? Thus, what decision is likely?
  • How are social movements linked to my organisation?
  • What opportunities and risks are there?
  • Are there forums for disgruntled consumers?
  • Can everything that is said about my company be organised and monitored easily?
  • In which forums are my dividend policies criticised? Who is behind them?
  • Are these analysts connected in any way with my competitors?
  • Is my message to investors being understood?
  • What do my investors think are my most evident weaknesses?
  • Has information been leaked? Who did it?
  • Is the information on this CV real? (vetting)
  • Which employees are influencers in the company?
  • Can I find out if my employees are seeking new jobs?
  • Can I monitor the changing profiles of people of interest to my company?
  • What new technologies should I be aware of that will give added value to my business?
  • What new patents have been granted for key technology in my sector?
  • Are there new and interesting suppliers out there?
  • How can I control technological development among my competitors?
  • Is our product being sold via bogus channels?
  • Are there social forums placing our business at risk?
  • Do we know our foreign partner?
  • Are changes to regulations which will affect my company in the pipeline?
  • Who is behind the new law? What support do they have?
  • How can I participate in establishing the regulatory framework?
  • What do we know about this person?
  • Has the minister had any legal issues in the past?
  • Are they directly/indirectly involved with a rival company?
  • What is their sphere of influence?


Business investigations

Personnel accredited by the Ministry of Home Affairs to work in their field.



Taylored training

We can provide tailor-made training courses to improve the professional capabilities of your employees in security matters (both for the private sector and for public security).